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Veganuary with Kefirko

Its officially 2022 and no matter how you feel about setting New Year resolutions, you can't deny that having a fresh new start at the beginning of the year can feel pretty motivational.

If going vegan is something you are keen to try, then it just might be time to jump on the Veganuary bandwagon and start right now!

There are a number of well reported health benefits to going vegan, but often many do not make the switch as they feel they will be missing out. The truth is, vegan food can be both healthy AND delicious. In fact, you may not even notice the difference - especially if you know how to add flavour to your meals. By simply adding pickles and fermented veg to your savoury meals or creating  vegan alternatives to your favourite comfort foods and desserts - yes, even burgers and milkshakes - you can make the switch without missing out. What's more, by using kefir recipes you are getting the added bonus of meals and snacks that are full of probiotics too. It's still cold, so we thought we would give you a few vegan kefir alternatives to some of your favourite comfort food recipes....
Kimchi burger Kefirko veggie fermenter
Vegan Kimchi Burger: So you are craving a burger but you've gone meat free. Don't worry, there are lots of meat alternatives, vegan bread buns and vegan cheeses. If you want to add that extra kick of flavour and texture to your burger, try adding kimchi to it. You can ferment your kimchi using the Kefirko Veggie Fermenter. The tangy flavour of kimchi can take a vegan burger to a whole other level!
Vegan Kefir cheese and Biscuits: Let's face it, cheese is delicious. There are lots of vegan cheeses on the market and you might even find a few in your local supermarket. But why bother when you can make your own delicious kefir cheese at home? You can make kefir cheese using the Kefirko Cheese Making Kit. It’s easy to prepare kefir cheese or other kinds of cheeses with the cheese maker. Pour 500 ml of coconut (or an alternative) milk kefir into the mesh basket of the Kefirko Cheese Maker and cover it with a lid. You should put the straining cheese into the fridge to slow down fermentation, it will prevent cheese from becoming too sour in taste. Allow to drain overnight or until you have the desired consistency.

Vegan Kefir Milkshake: One of the most delicious drinks ever created, milkshakes are the ultimate comfort food and noone should be deprived of them simply because they are vegan - kefir milkshakes are also packed full of probiotic goodness! You can make vegan kefir milkshakes using a kefir milk alternative (we recommend coconut). Don't forget the stripy straw!

Vegan kefir comfort food


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