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Kefir Water Grains FAQ


They’re grains, but not as you know them…in fact they look more like tiny chunks of jelly! Kefir water grains are reusable living cultures. They can be used to make kefir water that is rich in probiotic goodness - this can be made into a drink or added to your recipes. Kefir water can have a slight fizz with a similar - but more subtle - flavour to kombucha,  

What are water grains?
Water grains are yeast and bacteria in a symbiotic relationship. Water kefir grains are actually alive and when cared for and cultured they will reproduce. When you produce kefir water from your grains, it can provide you with probiotic bacteria that could benefit the digestive tract. Kefir is rich in antioxidants, antibodies and metabolites and essential vitamins and minerals.  

How do you use kefir water grains and what can you make?
To use your kefir water grains, you will need to leave them in water and sugar to ferment for 48 hours. Once you have fermented your kefir water, you can strain your grains to be reused. Whether you choose to drink your kefir water straight, add other ingredients or use it in your recipes - kefir water is a great source of probiotics. 

All you need to know about kefir water grains 

Is it really that good for you? 

Kefir water could help boost your immune system, improve your digestion, help regulate your cholesterol, and have other numerous beneficial effects too.  Compared to the kefir you can buy in stores, the homemade beverage contains a much higher degree of kefir-specific active substances which are important for your health.  

You really don’t need much to prepare kefir water at home – it’s much easier than you might think. 

Preparing your water kefir at home is a pretty simple process that can be done in a matter of minutes. Using the proper supplies is important, you can use our kefir water grains and Kefir making kits for this. There are some helpful tips for making kefir water at home, but check out our quick 4 step guide and FAQ’s below for more information. 

How to make kefir water: 

STEP 1: Put the water kefir grains into the jar and fill it with fresh, non-chlorinated and non-filtered water and add sugar  

STEP 2: Open the lid of the jar very slightly so that the air needed for the fermentation process can flow. You must allow 1-2 days (primary fermentation) at room temp for fermentation to take place. 

STEP 3: After 1-2 days you can remove the lid from your jar and strain the kefir into a glass jar/bottle. The grains will remain in the Kefirko jar. 

STEP 4: After the kefir is strained you can add whatever you like - fruit juice or mint. Seal the bottle and leave your kefir water in the fridge for another day (secondary fermentation). 

*It is important to practise good hygiene when making kefir water at home to prevent contamination.        


Why do kefir water grains need to ferment? 

The live culture in your water grains need to consume sugar inorder to produe organic acids, gases and alcohol – this is called fermentation. When you leave your grains in water fermentation will take place which will in turn create your kefir water. 

Why is homemade kefir better than store bought? 

To get the very best out of your kefir water, it has to be fresh – there is no fresher kefir than when you prepare it at home. Making your kefir at home also means you can tailor it to your own tastes and you can make as much or as little as you need. 

What kind of water can I use to make kefir water? 

Non-chlorinated water is best when you are making kefir - the chlorine in water can kill the live microorganisms in the kefir grains. You can use filtered water, but as it is usually very low in minerals this can affect the growth of the grains – particularly when trying to revive them. Add minerals to the water in this case (sugar, baking soda, molasses, etc.). Use lukewarm water when you are activating water kefir grains as high temperatures may negatively affect the kefir grains. 

What type of sugar should I use to activate my kefir water grains? 

When activating your grains, unrefined brown sugar is best to promote growth. We recommend using 25g white and 5g brown sugar during activation. In this initial stage of activation, sugar that is rich in minerals is best - later on you can reduce the amount of minerals by using white sugar, especially if your grains are becoming mushy (that shows over mineralisation). 

How do I reactivate my kefir water grains? 

When you want to use your grains after a period of not using them they will need to be reactivated so that they are as fully active as before. The duration of this process depends on how long they were stored and the conditions of this storage. Activation time usually takes 7-14 days. In some cases it can take more, even a month for grains to regain full activity. There are some signs that the kefir grains are active enough so you can use them to prepare kefir: 

    • Smell and taste: The grains had a distinctive smell and taste - a bit sour, but there should still be some sweetness to it.  


    • Bubbles: You will see bubbles flowing in the kefir once the kefir starts fermenting.  
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