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Unboxing: Kefir Cheese Maker, Veg Fermenter and Kombucha Kit - Kefirko UK

Unboxing: Kefir Cheese Maker, Veg Fermenter and Kombucha Kit

We are officially into the New Year, your resolutions have been made and it's time to take action!

If one of your New Year's resolutions includes a brand new start or even a return to a former fermentation journey, you'll need the tools that make sticking to that journey as easy as possible. Kefirko products make DIY fermentation at home a breeze. The truth is, incorporating probiotics into your diet with homemade fermented foods isn't hard or time just need the right equipment.

Kefirko glass fermentation jars

Maybe you are completely new to Kefirko fermentation kits or you have purchased kefir water / milk grains and a glass fermentation jar, but now would like to try making cheese, kombucha or fermented fruits / veg at home. Either way, we have put together some unboxing videos for you, so you know exactly what you will be getting in the post when you click BUY. Remember, resolutions are even better when they are shared - Kefirko products make great gifts. If you know someone who is keen to boost their intake of healthy probiotics in 2023, you may want to gift them one of these...

Making Fermented Fruit and Vegetables

Using a Kefirko veggie fermentation kit to ferment your fruits and vegetables allows beneficial microorganisms to grow whilst inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. You can ferment mixed veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi, fruits or any other vegetable you like. Once fermentation is finished, you can store the vegetables or fruits in the fridge. Fermented fruits and vegetables are full of positive microorganisms, nutrients and are absorbed more easily than fresh ones.

Making Kefir Cheese

Kefir cheese contains all the probiotic microorganisms that are so beneficial in kefir. Straining one batch of kefir made in Kefirko (600 ml - 20 oz) makes approximately 200-300g of soft kefir cream cheese. The longer the kefir strains, the drier and thicker your cheese becomes. Flavour your cheese by adding dry or fresh fruit, nuts, herbs or spices of your choice. 

Making Kombucha

You can have your favourite kombucha drink at hand all the time with the kombucha fermenter. The top lid enables airflow during fermentation, and the glass jar is perfect for brewing about 1.5 gallon / 5,7 L of fermented beverage. The clock timer can be put into the recess of the top silicone lid when you start fermenting and the recipe book / user manual will provide you with both ideas and guidance.

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